Project Implementation Plan


(i) Students’ registration and profile management & maintenance.
(ii) Maintenance and management of accounts particulars.
(iii) Members’ registration and profile maintenance.
(iv) Storage and management of music files.
(v) Member access management according to rights.
(vi) Necessary report generation.

[B] Related OFFICE procedures -:

(i) Accounts and financial control reporting.

(ii) Maintenance of student profile and student evaluation.
(a) Prepare the System Requirement Study document ( SRS) for the areas mentioned above.
(b) Design, develop and implement the customized application according to the SRS covering the above areas.
(c) Train up selected  personnel deputed by Shakhri Begum Memorial Trust, for the Application to developed under this system.
(d) Support for a required time period would be made available from the registered head office, at Kolkata.


(i) Configuration of a study course, during the course of Thirty – Six consecutive months, of a whole course.

(ii) Workshops, special classes, seminars, shall be held at regular intervals, to help achieve the expected level by the students.

(iii) Live concerts, in the form of recitals, circle concerts and annual concert will be held at regular intervals, to help upcoming artistes with a platform, as well as create a love and interest for Indian Classical Music among the present generation.


(i) An assessment and gradation system will be adopted to assess the progress of each student through individual monitoring method. This process will involve a personal visit by Ustad Rashid Khan and a two member panel, to re-programme any necessary changes needed for the betterment of the students.

(ii) There are optional workshop for instruments like -: SAROD; SITAR & TABLA ;  exclusively conceived for the benefit of the students, interested in instruments. These workshops will be held by well – know musicians in these fields under Shakhri Begum Memorial Trust.


The “ INSTITUTION” shall arrange to make available the following and assume the below given responsibilities. These shall include but not be limited to only such things as :

(i) A management personnel, knowledgeable in the process of the “Guru-Shishya-Parampara” system, to be provided, for informations and related questions.

(ii) Procure and implement all necessary items, like musical instruments, accessories, necessary library materials, music systems, recording instruments and any other resources required for the project under discussion.