Our Concept

India is endowed with a rich cultural heritage of Art and Culture. It owes it’s origin in History, dating back to centuries. The world of Hindusthani Classical Music is a very vast one; where one frequently encounters different “Gharanas” or styles. It used to be taught through the “Guru-Shishya Parampara” of “ Taalim”. This system required the “ Shishya” or the Disciple to reside at the residence of the “Guru” or Master.

Unfortunately, this form of teaching has more or less become a thing of the past. This exemplary form of pure and unpolluted Classical music is very unfortunately tilting towards unconformable standards. To preserve this great tradition, it is very necessary to provide the youngsters of this generation and the generation to come, with proper exposure towards this form of music, through proper guidance and proper institution.

We aim to establish and setup, an institution for the promotion and propagation of Hindusthani Classical Music. Our aim is to become one of it’s own kind of institution by setting up some branches of key cultural institutions in different parts of India, which shall be under the able guidance of the best maestros in all fields of India Classical Music.


It is said that – “ In giving, you receive”. The art of Indian Classical Music was taught in a very harsh manner, that many Indian students endured from their teachers; to learn. These teaching methods were austere and spartan. The years of hard-work, under a strict disciplinarian, in the form of a “ Guru”; had to be followed, in whatever way he said.

From the very childhood, a strict regime of “ riyaaz” had to be followed. A musical talent was nurtured in about 15 to 20 years, of rigorous “Taalim”. The “Shaagirds”, devoted their life, to documenting and learning from the treasures of the wise ones, and became exponents of the traditions to ensure their survival as they are passed on to the next generations. Their undefinable hard-work of years, saw them reaping the fruits of their labour in the later years.


Music is the spontaneous expressions of powerful emotions and deep knowledge. Once the focus is on the cycle of music, one is not trying to prove something, but it is to show patience, putting aside one’s ego and proving to oneself, how much love and regard one has for one’s music.

People put too much emphasis on trying to understand classical music. It would be better not to try to understand music, instead, it would be better to try to feel it.

Arguably, the most beautiful sounds in all music – is an exquisite synthesis of air and earth, projected with the fluidity of water, and the intensity of fire.

There are a precious few musicians of our time, who have a healing power, frequently attributed to their music, which place them among the legendary musician saints, who have graced the world of Indian Classical Music, going back to antiquity.